About Us

Almacs Steel Limited is a wholly Zambian owned company incorporated on 22nd March 2001 under the Zambian companies act. The company’s core business is manufacturing of Steel and wood based products. The company’s headquarters, factory and show room are located at Stand No. 8542 off Lumumba Road, Lusaka.
Almacs Steel’s strength lie in an efficient and effective manufacture of its products that ensures almost comfort on the client’s part; this is achieved by a highly capable management team that sets a clear direction on company policy that does not allow ineptness.

  • Steel Products.
  • Aluminium Products.
  • Wooden Products.
  • School Furniture.
  • Office Furniture.
  • Hospital Furniture.

The Condominium Of Wood SteelAluminium Products .

Manufacturers of high quality school furniture, hospital furniture, office furniture and many other custom made steel, wood and aluminium products.

We fully understand what and whom you are dealing with. They are full of energy, experimenting and trying to check what material things are made of, including the furniture they are sitting on. The strength and durability of furniture you buy for them matters. Remember that preference depends a lot on trust.